Fume Hoods

Solutions for the extraction of hazardous gases

Safety is important in any area, but even more so in a laboratory since activities that are often carried out pose risks to workers.

The main function of a Fume Hood is to protect the user from harmful substances, whether they consist of fumes, spills, or splashes. Another key function is to minimize and contain the risk of explosion.

The fume hood is an integral part of the initial laboratory design. It has a major impact on the environment due to the extraction of air and toxic substances. It is a crucial element to maintain a clean, safe, and controlled environment.


The fume hood must have the appropriate characteristics and specifications so that it can contain the required equipment and must allow the execution of planned work.

We need to take into consideration many elements, including the size which could range from 900 mm to 2400 mm,

The type of equipment (Bench-top or Walk-in type), the number of gases and electrical/data outlets, the type of monitor, the material of the inside chamber, type of extraction, automatic or non-automatic sash, glass or methacrylate sash material, under-bench cabinet with or without extraction furniture, automatic adjustment of the height… There are so many options that deciding is not easy.


Your fume hood must meet your needs and here the importance is enormous since we are talking about safety.

We are specialists, we know the type of work that is carried out in an organic chemistry laboratory, in an oil rig or in a mining laboratory.

Your safety matters to us.


Both the worktop and the inside of the fume hood must be adapted according to the tasks to be carried out. Sometimes it might be necessary to have anticorrosive surfaces; When performing light work, we could use more economic surfaces.


It is possible to have a constant or variable air flow control system that is defined according to the type of work carried out and the possibilities of generating added savings.

The presence of many fume hoods inside the laboratory means a great energy consumption.

We could connect the fume hoods to the BMS (Building Management System) to optimize and reduce the energy consumption associated with this equipment.


There are multiple options that will allow users to work more comfortably: automatic sash opening and closing, sash opening pedal, automatic height adjustment, support and/or integration of ICT (Information and Communications Technology)


Meeting the highest quality standards and adapting to current regulations is even more important with the fume hood.

Our fume hoods are manufactured and certified under EN 14175, ASHRAE and CE.


The close collaboration we maintain with some of our partners allows us to advise you on the most suitable options for your laboratory. This includes getting the best out of the BMS system, Integration of sensors in our furniture or providing a waste collection system that drives a more efficient and safe management of the laboratory.

Other protection systems


They are useful in many cases. For example, placed on spectrophotometers or chromatographs, the canopy hoods make the laboratory environment of a much better quality, since they capture the pollutants released before they spread in the rest of the laboratory.


In addition to reducing odors caused by specific actions, the ventilated enclosures dissipate the heat that the ovens or heating plates may produce, isolate noise, and reduce the effect of noise from certain common procedures.

As a result, this will make your work environment the most pleasant.


The safety required in many cases does not require a fume hood, since what is needed is an extraction of a small and specific area.

In these cases, the most suitable solution would be an extraction arm that can be fixed to the ceiling or wall and can offer a large working radius, with the flexibility to share this equipment among several users.

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