Laboratory Benches

The bench, a fundamental element of your laboratory

It all starts at the bench, but what is important is you and your job. Our furniture and its flexibility will allow you to adapt each area with practicality and elegance.


Different types of bench structures and systems usually coexist in a laboratory because the activity is complex. We might need heavy duty benches that can withstand heavy equipment. Mobile benches or with “C” frame will allow to quickly refit a space. Plinth-mounted structures will ensure ample and economical storage spaces.

Know all the options available, all are suitable, we just have to define together your needs and requirements.


The work surfaces should be in line with the work to be carried out on it so that its duration can be guaranteed over time.  There are many options, and all are good, you only need to decide on the most appropriate material according to the laboratory use.

Once again, flexibility is at your service and you can optimally combine all possible options: HPL, ceramic, phenolic resins, epoxy, polypropylene, stainless steel, granite…


One of the main spaces to consider in a laboratory are the washing areas. Sinks must be sized according to usage and capacity, so they can be integrated into island or wall benches. They could be small or large, and with one or two drainers, and made of the most appropriate material: epoxy, stainless steel, polypropylene, or ceramic.

Take advantage of the lower areas to expand the storage capacity and define the right faucets and systems necessary to have water of the proper purity and quality. We will help you to make the best choice.

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