Service modules

The service modules

Gases in laboratories are frequent and their use is of increased importance. Easy accessibility to nitrogen, hydrogen or helium for example makes a major difference in terms of comfort, but above all in terms of safety.

Having multiple power outlets, i.e. UPS, voice, or data sockets, that allow to connect our equipment anywhere in the laboratory while avoiding visible cables, is undoubtedly synonymous with safety.

Once your lab is finished, you can easily make changes like adding services or changing their location, by simply accessing the service gallery, a huge benefit and added value.


The modularity and elegance of its design, together with the wide variety of options, will allow you to realize any type of work comfortably and easily, ensuring a pleasant work environment meeting your needs.  

There are no limits or restrictions, and the flexible panels with easy access help remodel your space over and over again.


They will help you bring all the services to the bench and distribute them through our exclusive gallery system. They contribute to the dynamism in the laboratory, and are accessible through the various removable panels, while anticipating the future need of service extensions, breakdowns, and maintenance.


They allow you a great freedom in the design of your laboratory. They can concentrate the different types of services you need and, once again, interchangeable panels allow for adaptability. Sometimes having central service points is sufficient and the spaces will be more open, but equally secure.


They make us unique since our service walls system is one of the most complete on the market. They help us to divide the spaces inside the laboratory, allowing the channeling of fluids piping and electrical wiring.

There is a wide range of combinations whereby we can include doors, windows, …so that our laboratory can have the best lighting conditions and as always without compromising safety.

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