Storage Cabinets

Laboratory furniture with capacity, versatility, and flexibility of use

In laboratories, a large quantity of a variety of products is stored, with different characteristics and risks, including chemical components. Safety is supported if the choice is right.

Our solutions made of steel guarantee high mechanical, chemical, humidity and fire resistance, and thus protecting of bacteriological contamination. Optional manufacturing in stainless steel.


With or without wheels, fixed or mobile along the structure, each space and use can be solved with our wide product range. Choose the size, drawers or doors, or let us propose the best solution to take advantage of all the spaces on your work tables, help you in the waste collection and, ultimately, make your spaces more versatile and safe.


For extra storage, our overhead cabinets can be installed directly on our own structures creating unique spaces, where a superior storage does not require a wall. Glass doors will allow you to quickly see what you need, but you can also have blind doors to create more uniform spaces.


In the laboratory, the storage of chemicals presents a risk that might result in major accidents if the necessary measures and precautions are not taken. Maintaining the safety conditions and the level of training of lab users are essential. On the other hand, it should be noted that prolonged storage of chemicals already presents a risk, due to gas accumulations, aging of packaging or reactions of products.

We have a lot of alternatives: ventilated cabinets, flammable cabinets with delayed opening, polypropylene drawers, cabinets for storage of acids and bases …

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