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Flores Valles is a complete solution provider, offering wide range of complementary elements, such as: balance benches, scrubbers, shelves, Lockers, tasting benches, vacuum pump cabinets, changing rooms benches, Emergency Showers, eyewash, chairs and stools… but we are also looking forward to working on your other needs, we consider that there are no impossible challenges.


Our balance table or anti-vibration table is designed to give you great stability and accuracy in mass measurements, eliminating vibrations that emanate from the ground or caused by the user when handling the balance.

You can integrate it with our entire range of laboratory furniture, and it is available in 2 heights, with or without electrical outlets.


Tasting benches provide a neutral, hygienic, and constant environment for performing tasks that allow you to appreciate colors, smells, flavors. They are independent workstations with electricity, light, sink and faucet, you decide their configuration. Specially designed for the food Industry.


Vacuum pumps are one of the most widely used equipment in both research and industrial laboratories. Our vacuum pump furniture will help you reduce the noise caused by this equipment. The optional front on/off button will make it more comfortable to use.


Storage in a laboratory is often vital for its operation and there are many functions that must be fulfilled according to the type of laboratory: replenishment, distribution, protecting and preserving the materials.

We have a wide variety of shelves to help you optimize these spaces.

Flores Valles shelves also adapt to the specific needs of some laboratories such as agricultural research centers.


The safety standards state that there should never be coats, bags, or similar personal items inside the laboratory. Moreover, workers should have a locker for their personal items and street clothes and another locker for their work clothes and corresponding PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

At Flores Valles, we manufacture a wide range of lockers.


Toxic gases produced in a laboratory must be treated before being emitted into the atmosphere.

Scrubbers absorb toxic and aggressive gases, neutralize them thanks to the use of the appropriate substances, and carry out the washing process in each phase.

They can be industrial equipment, Integrated in a showcase or a small equipment.

Depending on the type of gas you need to neutralize, we will recommend the right solution.


Safety showers and eyewash stations provide on the spot decontamination. They allow workers in the lab to flush away hazardous substances that can cause injury.

The effectiveness of these equipment depends on their correct location and operation, their good maintenance status and sufficient training of laboratory staff.


Our Flores Valles chairs are adapted to the ergonomic needs of this type of environment. There is a wide range of stools suitable for each type of laboratory.


Since many equipment such as fume hoods, extraction arms or ventilated enclosures require a blower that performs the extraction effectively, Flores Valles has a wide range of products, depending on the specific requirements of your facility.


Gas regulators or flow valves are quite common in laboratories. Choosing the adequate model depends on the type of flow to be regulated, pressure, type of system (centralized, gas bottles…).  As always, we’re your specialist.


Taps in a laboratory are specifically designed for the fluid they conduct and are always properly color coded in accordance with UNE EN 13792. The faucets at Flores Valles are perfectly integrated into the furniture, their use is comfortable and safe.


Designed and integrated into Flores Valles, they facilitate one of the day-to-day tasks of a laboratory, flask washing.

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